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You will learn -

Why the customer feels committed to you after you give them the information they want

How getting the information they want can mean that they are willing to spend more money on their business than anyone elseís

How you can study your customerís behavior to give you an indication of how much money they are willing to spend on a membership

How having this kind of self-renewing membership site can save hours chasing down new prospects every day

Are you ready to have your customers commit to buying from you again and again and again?

Enroll them in a Membership Site

You donít even have to sell a product!

Learn how to make a killing selling them unique information!

In this eBook I outline what kind of information your site should provide so that your customers find you absolutely irresistible.

You will find out --

What the essential resources are that you absolutely need to have in place before you begin building this type of site.

How to create and offer your clients the kind of information products that get them interested in the first place

Just what is a prospecting list?

Why you need more than one webpage to collect subscribe information so you can gather clients for this type of site

How to focus the design of your website so it meets your goals when it comes to converting new list members.

How to add content materials that might help convince visitors to visit your site, get out that credit card and enroll in your membership site

How to interest visitors who belong to a niche market such as dog owners

How you can use promotional and advertising materials to appeal to your customers

How to build a simple back office system that is set up to deal with a list of subscribers

How to direct your customers right to the page they need to sign up on

Why your site does not have to be that flashy to get visitors to enroll in it and in fact why this kind of thing can actually discourage them from enrolling

How to register a domain name

How to determine quality and value material and why that is essential for the well being of your information site

What is plagiarism and why you should never copy someone elseís work and post it on your information site as your own

Promises that you absolutely must make to your customers regarding privacy, opting out of the list and spamming them

How to come up with a bribe or free gift that you can offer your visitors to encourage them to sign up for your membership conversion

How to create perceived value for a free gift so that your visitors will sign up for a membership conversion

How to create a free eBook that you can give away in about two hours to encourage your customers to enroll in your site

How to construct a phrase that will attract customers to your site and want them to belong to your exclusive club

Of course none of the above is just "add water and stir" and ta-da you have big converting membership site!

It takes a bit of conceptualizing to push prospects to become customers and then in turn to convince them to become members

In the Chapter in 1 Month Membership Riches I discuss very practical ideas such as -

How to find the focal point of the information that you are going to supply to your members

How to give them additional information to augment the information that you used to draw them to your website in the first place

How to really target that information that you have on your site so you know that you are answering the questions that they will be surfing for on the internet

How to fulfill all of their needs using information that you have acquired for free

How to avoid a saturated market place so you donít build an entire site full of information that nobody really wants

How to determine if the audience you have in mind is willing to spend money or wants to

How to use Google search engine pages to do a little market research about whether or not your project will succeed or not

How to use a very useful and FREE Google tool to find out what kind of information people are looking for online and use that to develop a converting membership site

How to think of the "pain and need" of your customers in order to find out exactly what will make you the most money in terms of information provision

How to turn a small handful of customers into a goldmine of converted members

How to build trust and intimacy with your customers so they want to be part of your enrolment site

How to ultimately decide whether or not the information you have to actually offer people really and truly is unique

Are you ready to get creative and make money selling information?

In this book I AM presenting you with a formula. By the time you are done you will know how to conceptualize and build a content rich site that encourages sign ups.

Still getting creative with your business is what putting together an information site all is about. That is because you are selling an enrollment and not a solid product.

This means that you need to leverage what it is that you already know about your customers and what they want if you really want to convert them to members.

In 1 Month Membership Riches I teach you such creative, business growing tricks for your information site as -

How to think a little more "outside the box" on order to make huge profits

What sites to look at in order to discover the objectives that people want to achieve

How to study ClickBank in order to find out what kind of information people are looking for

How to get review independent reviews in order to find products

How to study bestselling books on Amazon so you can develop great products for converting your customers

How to narrow down the focus of your membership so that you have a niche that "mines an inch wide and a mile deep"

How to position your membership site so that when you launch it there will be the advantage of a Unique Selling Point

How to milk material out of existing products so that you can make it last for months as fresh, evergreen and informative material for you clients

How to build an entire site around information you find for free without violating anyoneís copyright.

How to scope out ezine sites to find out what type information people are looking for and build a membership site around that

How to put yourself in your memberís shoes and give them exactly what they might be looking for

How to use a very creative and simple approach to find out exactly what it is your customers want to see on a membership site and what kind of information they would be willing to pay for!

How to glean market research information from a public forum on a niche product

How to search for public forums that will give you the most information possible about the topic

How to be creative with content that you find on sites that supply public domain materials

Where you can find public domain materials for free

And much more!

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